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Rosacea is a chronic but thankfully a very treatable condition. It should be diagnosed by a Dermatologist but treated by Laser Therapy instead of harmful creams and pills for a healthier body and lifestyle. While it can develop in different ways, male and female and all ages it mostly affects men over 30. Laser Therapy is the safest and most effective treatment available.


Signs of Rosacea include a redness similar to a sunburn that won't go away. 


Thickening of the skin, typically on the nose which can disfigure your appearance. Skin thickening can also reduce nasal airflow.  

Major signs of Rosacea include bumps, pimples visible blood vessels (similar to spider veins) and even eye irritation.

At Lifestyle Laser in Glenwood Springs, we have two types of lasers to treat this menacing condition. We use the Duality ND:YAG Laser and the Re-Smooth Diode IPL Laser.  Rosacea treatment can often be coupled with a Photo Facial or Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

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