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Pigmented Lesions

Starting at $240

Area Dependent


At Lifestyle Laser, the dedicated, highly trained, certified, team uses the Astanza Trinity laser to get rid of any pigmented lesions. This laser allows them to change the wavelength of light energy so that it targets the specific pigment that makes up your lesion. As the laser energy is drawn into your lesion, it leaves your surrounding skin unaffected. 

The lesion absorbs the targeted laser energy. As it draws in more and more of that energy, it starts to break down. Eventually, the pigment is broken into pieces that are small enough for your body to naturally remove them. As your body flushes the fragmented pigment, you get clearer skin. 

This pigmented lesion treatment is effective anywhere on your body. Lifestyle Laser uses it to clear lesions from a number of different body areas, including the:

  • Face

  • Hands

  • Chest

  • Neck

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